NCSS felicitates blind cricket team in a historic way

NCSS felicitates blind cricket team in a historic way

What is the most incredible thing about Nepali cricket? Definitely, it’s fan base and Nepalese Cricket Supporters Society (NCSS). NCSS felicitates blind cricketers today in an event in Kathmandu. A historical campaign led by NCSS comes to an end, as they handed over Rs 22,000 to each 14 players and Rs 11,000 each to the officials for their effort in blind cricket world cup. The cricketers went through train to participate the mega cricketing event held inPakistan representing Nepal. NCSS historically collected a sum of 7 lakhs 87 thousands in just 15 days of their fund collection campaign. Renowned faces like Paras Khadka, Gagan thapa along with many nepali cricket fans across the globe contributed in the campaign.

“We want to help Nepali cricket in anyway we can”, stated NCSS President Bhanu Sigdel. He also said “It’s very difficult to continue these campaigns every time. We are developing a fund, so that it becomes beneficial to cricketers, cricketing officials in need.” NCSS managed to bring back the Nepalese team in Fly Dubai Airlines although they travelled through train in their departure. Fly Dubai gave a discount of 30% in air ticket, while e-Sewa helped the campaign in collecting the fund. NCSS has initiated a fund with a sum of Rs 129 for future aids.

Total Collection: Rs 7,87,129


Plane ticket: Rs 3,19,000

Cash to 14 Players and 8 officials: Rs 3,08,000

Rs 50,000 to Blind cricket association, Rs 22,000 expenses in gifts, token of love, copper plated inscriptions, mics, chairs

Rs 129 in NCSS fund

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