de Villiers, Markram shine as Eagles win Solidarity Cup

de Villiers, Markram shine as Eagles win Solidarity Cup

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Eagles captained by AB de Villiers won the inaugural edition of the 3TC Solidarity Cup at SuperSport Park, Centurion on Saturday.

The innovative 3 Team Cricket was organized to raise funds for the Hardship Fund, a joint Cricket South Africa (CSA) project aimed at providing relief to those within the cricket industry affected by COVID-19.

3 teams competed against each other in the same match. Each team batted a total of 12 overs partitioned by 6/6 overs of two stages.

First Stage

Kingfisher 56/2 ( 6 overs)

Eagles 66/1 ( 6 overs)

Kites 58/1 (6 overs)

Second Stage

Kingfisher 113/5 ( 12 overs)

Eagles 160/4 ( 12 overs)

Kites 138/3 (12 overs)

How is a 3TC Match played ?

A 3TC match is contested between three teams of eight players each and is played over 36 overs in two halves of 18 overs with a break at halftime.In the second half, teams bat in order of the highest scores in the first half. If scores are tied, the first half order is reversed.