"My dream is to play test cricket. I want to see myself in a white jersey spinning the red bowl" - Sushil Kandel

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Sushil Kandel, born on 8th of April 1997, is a slow left arm orthodox bowler. He has represented Nepal in the U-19 World Cup and was a crucial bowler in the recently held Wai Wai EPL T20 taking highest 12 wickets with the best of 3 for 4 runs from Panchakanya Tej. Sushil Kandel has emerged as the most promising cricketer (bowler) and shown his talent at best this season of WaiWai EPL T20.  He is a promising spinner, and is expected spinning the bowl very soon for the national side. Letzcricket (Dipesh Pandit) had a conversation with the very talented Sushil Kandel and here are ten answers to the questions Letzcricket asked to him:


Q: How do you feel being the leading wicket taker in Wai Wai EPL T20?

A: Well, It always feels good when we do something better for our team. I believe cricket as team game and i feel i've done something for my team.


Q: Any proud moments you have had in Wai Wai EPL t20?

A: Yes, definitely I felt proud when we lifted the prestigious Wai Wai EPL T20 trophy. That was like a dream come true to me.


Q: Who is the source of inspiration for you to play cricket?

A: Actually, there are a lot of inspirational people around me. I learn a lot from other and my past mistakes. To be honest this time, my inspiration is my brother.


Q: How is the family support to you?   

A: In Nepal, It is very difficult to find a family who fully support their kids play cricket. But things are changing slowly. And i am getting good support from my family now.


Q: Where do you want to see yourself playing cricket? What is your dream?

A: My dream is to play test cricket. I want to see myself in a white jersey spinning the red bowl. But yes, I want to see myself in my national jersey playing for my nation and making all of you proud.


Q: You've played u19 world cup, how do you feel playing EPL t20? Any change you've felt after EPL?

A: I think we have a lot of potential. Aasif Sheikh proved himself in this tournament. I feel our cricket level has gone to higher level playing with the Nepali cricket legends after EPL t20.


Q: Who is you favourite cricketer you want to meet?

A: My favourite cricketer is Kumar Sangaakara. I just love the way he drives to the off side.


Q: How did you feel when your team mate Sandeep Lamichhane got to play at Australia with Michael Clarke?

A: I felt great, Sandeep is like my brother. He has a lot of talent. You can understand  how it feels when your brother gets such a good chance to play in Australia, that too with Michael Clarke.


Q: What is thing you would want to add to Nepali Cricket? Has cricket in Nepal been professionalized yet?

A: (laughs) May be I am not the right person to answer this. But in my view, cricket is slowly getting professionalized. Hopefully it will be better in coming days. There's a change but people always forget school level cricket. It is very important to learn the basics of cricket as early as you can. If we can develop school level cricket, I personally feel it's the best way to produce more good cricketers in days to come.


Q: What do you want to say to your supporters and fans?

A: I am big fan of cricket. After that only I am a cricketer. So I can understand the feelings of every cricket fan. I just want to say keep loving us, like always. Remember, it is just a game, winning and loosing are parts of it. As a team we will try our best to make all of you proud. Keep loving us in our highs and support us in our lows. Happy Dashain, Tihar and Chhat to all of you, come out to play cricket more. Thank you.