WaiWai EPL T20: It's Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment

WaiWai EPL T20: It's Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment

After all your patience, cricket is coming at your very own, TU ground. Not NPL, this time with WaiWai Everest Premier League T20. WaiWai EPL T20 is a venture of Zohra Sports Management in association with CG. This is the biggest professional domestic tournament held in Nepali Cricket till now. With handsome match fees even for Regional players, the partnership of Nirvana Chaudhary and Amir Akhtar is now all set to build the innings in Nepali Cricket.

What you can see? Well, you will see lots of action. The clash of your heroes, Sixes of Paras, wickets by Basanta, helicopter shots and ABD stunts of Siddhant, “You can’t see me” celebrations of Sompal, finishes of Sharad and many more. You have seen IPL, you have felt the goosebumps in international cricket leagues. This time get ready at your city, at your very own TU stadium. Get ready for Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment.

Obviously, if i won’t be wrong, you wish to see new and young talents emerging from the tournament. Various Leagues like IPL, Big Bash League have shown already, WaiWai EPL T20 is focused with spotting a bunch of new talented cricketers in the tournament. With continuity to the professionalism in domestic cricket, the players participating in the tournament are getting handsome match fees. Generally, a regional player will get a total sum of 40 thousands in 10 days long tournament. With previous victory at the one day format of NPL, Panchakanya Tej are the defending champions.




Head coach

Vishal Warriors

Vishal Group

Paras Khadka

Mahesh Rizal

Colors X-Factors

Teletalk Private Limited

Gyanendra Malla

Manzoor Alam

Jagdamba Giants

Shankar Groups

Shakti Gauchan

Navin Singh

Panchakanya Tej

Panchakanya Groups

Sharad Vesawkar

Binod Das

Kantipur Gurkhas

Kantipur Publications

Basanta Regmi

Samson Jung Thapa

Sagarmatha Legends

Ghorahi Cements

Binod Bhandari

Jagat Tamata

Did you pick your team? Get ready to feel the actions of WaiWai Everest Premier League T20. From 23rd of September to 3rd of October, no doubt it’s Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment.

Dipesh Pandit

Also renowned as Thejuly23rd in social medias, Dipesh is a computer engineering graduate and a close spectator of Nepali cricket.