The confusing side of Two-tier system

The confusing side of Two-tier system

A special member board meeting of ICC in Dubai came up with a decision to withdraw Two-Tier Test System. The cricket boards of Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand were in favor of two-tier system where as BCCI, Sri Lanka Cricket, the BCB and Zimbabwe Cricket opposed the proposal.

What exactly is Two-Tier Test System ?

According to the proposal, the two-tier system would comprise seven teams in the top tier and five in the bottom. Afghanistan and Ireland, as the leading Associate teams, will join the three regular Test playing nations in the bottom tier.

The Discussion is still on...

Perhaps, the two tier system would have resulted more competitive matches with evenly matched teams playing against each other. Maybe, teams like Afghanistan and Ireland would get a lot more exposure playing against current test playing nations.

On the other hand, the system could also increase the difference between highly ranked and low ranked teams as Afghanistan would never get to play against Australia or India until and unless they can outperform teams like West Indies or Zimbabwe. Without playing against the top ranked team, the associates would be finding it hard to improve their rankings.

The sole objective of concepts like two tier system is to revive the test cricket. The charm and entertainment of T20 and ODI cricket has played a decent role in reducing the passion of test cricket among cricket fans. You can't see teams like England or India losing their full membership even if they go on to lose every test series and Afghanistan or Nepal winning every series won't certain them a place at that level. Actually, we want a better and competitive cricket with everyone getting the opportunities they deserve.

The discussion regarding the adaptability of two tier system is clearly observable. A proposal of resuming back the World Test Championship also received some attention but many board representatives including strong members like BCCI were not in favor of it. In fact, whole cricket fraternity is willing to make some improvisations in the system but Two tier system may not be an ideal choice for that.

More and more talks are going regarding the changes and all cricket boards are positive in the issue. Sooner or later, a new approach would be taken and hope the change would be in favor of the spirit of game and take the game to a new level.

Ritesh Ghimire

Ritesh is a Computer Engineer, Web Developer and an active cricket follower. Being the founder of LetzCricket, he has been watching and analysing Nepali and International cricket and sharing his opinions through LetzCricket.