Nepali Cricket: It's not over until it's all over

Nepali Cricket: It's not over until it's all over

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Somewhere deep inside, Nepal seemed to have no hopes with Aarif Sheikh returning towards the pavillion; stumped out. Behind the dark clouds of uncertainty, Nepal needed 51 runs off 47 balls to win with one wicket in hand. The 16-years injured, Sandeep Lamichhane joins Karan K.C; the batsman who led Nepal to one of the miraculous inning in Nepali cricket history. Miracle came true as Karan KC struck 42 runs off 31 balls tocomplete a 51-runs last wicket partnership, winning by 1 wicket off the final ball taking Nepal to the ICC World Cup Qualifiers in Zimbabwe.

The hopes came out of nowhere as Karan struck a boundary and a six over the long-off in the 44th over. Suddenly, a strong ray of hope started to shine over the dark clouds of uncertainty. Sandeep had no choice than to stay on the crease rotating the strike to support Karan. At that stage, it did not matter how runs came, as long as they kept coming. The four by Karan on the final ball of Pervez's 46th over decreased the equation to 32 runs off 24 balls. On the other side, it was Sandeep Lamichhane facing the fierce bouncers to keep the hopes alive of the nation. Karan hit another six in the 48th over making the equation 22 needed from 14 balls.

Those six and four off the 4th and 5th ball in 49th over eased Nepal 9 runs to win from 7 balls, later 8 runs off the final over. At a stage, Nepal 144/9 were out of life to win the match,it was only about prayers of hope to the Nepali cricket fans. The first four balls came as a late drama to to end the equation 8 needed of 2 balls. Fingers crossed everywhere, prayers and the chantings to god by the fans; Karan came as a saviour hits a lofted shot over the cover for a SIX. A wide by Pervez and a winning run by Karan led Nepal to the victory nobody had hopes upon.Canada were in the driver's seat during most of the game but in the end Karan just took it away from them with a solid innings.

Yes, "Cricket is all about Uncertainty", they said BUT "Cricket is also about Miracles", they never said. It's Nepali cricket; It's not over until it's all over.

ICC match referee Dev Govindjee, "If you didnt believe in miracles before, you might start after today."

Brandon: "What a finish! Nepal is definitely a dangerous team to support if you have cardiac issues."

@MrBigyan64: "Dont celebrate too early .... The game of Cricket is always there to surprise you"


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