Nepal U19: An analysis of fallen wickets in #U19CWCQ

Nepal U19: An analysis of fallen wickets in #U19CWCQ

Image Source: Raman Shiwakoti

Cricket these days is much more than just the bat, bowl and field. It's a game that requires focus, skill, technique, strategy, stamina, planning, intuitive ability and moreover a fighting spirit. You need to have that spirit deep inside that says, "No matter what, we will win the match at the end of it" or "It's not over untill its all over". Nepal U19 team is a pool of much talented young cricketers, I would say much talented than any of the senior batches. This team is participating the ICC Asia U19 World Cup Qualifiers in Malasiya.

Despite having wins, there's a side of it which needs lots of focus and analysis. It's also said that Cricket is game of mistakes, the team with lesser mistakes wins the match. Clearly, its the fitness of our mind, that drives the team towards the victory. The quality of the mind holding the bat and ball or the quality of mind that moves 11 men in the team with correct precision on the ground wins the match.

We have mostly faced caught behinds and caught out at the boundaries. Statistically, 18 out of 20 total wickets lost by Nepal U19 team in two starting matches have come out from Caught outs. And more importantly, these wickets included Rohit Kumar Poudel (95) missing his century, Pawan Sarraf (47) and Rashaid Khan (48) missing their half centuries by a narrow margin.

What is the technique to bring mastery over this mind? What is it that can give you the mental edge in a game of skill? Nepal U19 needs more focus and composure on their mindset. As a batsman, meditation gives you the focus to time your strokes by judging the speed of the ball before hitting it. Meditation keeps you centred at all times. It helps you to be aware and stay alert of the movement of the other players on the field.

Meditation is like an energy booster that can keep you energized for longer durations. Regular meditation can also help you build your stamina over time. As a batsman, you need high stamina to hit the ball with force; to avoid caught outs at boundaries.

Nepal U19 team must get out of this issue as soon as possible, 18 caught outs among 20 wickets that have fallen in two innings is not an issue to let it go.

Inspired by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

Dipesh Pandit

Also renowned as Thejuly23rd in social medias, Dipesh is a computer engineering graduate and a close spectator of Nepali cricket.