Nepal's Bowling Analysis against Zimbabwe (Statistical)

Nepal's Bowling Analysis against Zimbabwe (Statistical)

Most Dot balls:

Basanta Regmi had the most 31 dot balls of 60 balls he bowled, which is 51.67% in his 10 overs spell. Sharad Veshawakar had 17 dot balls off 36 balls which equals 47.22% of his 6 overs spell. Lalit Rajbanshi and Sandeep Lamichhane had 40% and 28.33% of dot balls respectively in their 10 overs.

Most Runs Conceded:

Nepal conceded 55.44% of the total runs by medium pacers while remaining 44.56% by spinners. 209 runs were scored by Zimbabwe team against Nepal's medium pacers while 168 runs were scored against spinners.

  • Medium pacers 209 runs 55.44%
  • Spinners 168 runs 44.56%


Took 3 wickets each by spinners and medium pacers.

  • Spinners 3 wickets 50%
  • Medium Pacers 3 wickets 50%

Sixes Conceded:

25% of the total sixes hit against Nepal were conceded by spinners while 75% of the sixes were conceded by medium pacers.

  • Spinners 4 sixes 25%
  • Medium Pacers 12 sixes 75%

Fours Conceded:

45.83 % of boundries were hit against spinners while 54.17% of boundries were hit against medium pacers by Team Zimbabwe.

  • Spinners 11 fours 45.83%
  • Medium Pacers 13 fours 54.17%


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