NCSS: Protecting the cricket culture in Nepal

NCSS: Protecting the cricket culture in Nepal

If the Himalayan nation is something crazy about, that's Cricket which makes it the most popular sport in Nepal. Despite several tough circumstances, the game has been able to unite Nepali people with the feeling of national pride.

The craze grew immensely as the country qualified for the 2014 World cup where Nepali Cricket performed extremely well in its debut at the global stage. Despite some ups and downs, the Paras Khadka-led team has already managed to surprise upper ranked teams in the ongoing World Cricket League Championship. Besides, the U-19 team is playing U-19 Asia cup within a month and Nepal’s women team has recently qualified for Asia Cup to be held in Thailand, later this year.

Nepalese Cricket Supporters Society

What is most incredible about Nepali cricket? It is their passion to play cricket, the hunger for win as Nepal has a strong history of their bravery of Gurkhas. And nevertheless, it is their huge fan following. They are the twelveth-men of Nepal cricket. Nepal does not have a proper cricket governing body, in the absence of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN), the Nepal Sports Council (NSC) is guiding the cricket structure of Nepal right now. And there is one body in the country, which is protecting these fans’ interest, fighting all the odds; Nepalese Cricket Supporters Society (NCSS).

Due to lack of proper administrative set up and suspension of CAN by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the future of this beautiful game seems seriously in doubt for the cricket loving mountainous country. The crazy cricket fans have started working relentlessly as an organization uniting in the social media to keep the burning candle alive from the winds of dirty politics in cricket as: Nepali Cricket Supporter’s Society (NCSS).

The U-19 Asia Cup has no more than a month where Nepal will be playing against the top Test sides. In the absence of proper administration, players and fans are in doubt when the selction and close camp will start from. With amazing performance in the recent U-19 World Cup, Nepal U-19 team is believed to produce big results in the days to follow.

Nepalese Cricket Supporters Society

NCSS in history:

It was 8th of May 2016, the Nepal cricket fan group formally institutionalized themselves as a non-profit organization named Nepalese Cricket Supporters Society (NCSS) gaining recognition from Youth and Sports Ministry and Nepal Sports Council (NSC).

Since then, NCSS has been participating and organizing various programs to establish and protect cricket culture and raise voice against any sort of corruption in Nepal’s cricket’s governing body. "We want to protect the cricket culture in Nepal. We won't stop raising our voices against any sorts of disorders in cricket. NCSS will never let the craze of Nepali cricket go down", President Bhanu Sigdel says. With it's mission to find talents across the nook and corner of the country, the recent success of WaiWai Everest Premier League T20 couldn't have been possible without the help of NCSS. NCSS has been a good supervisor on various aspects of the Nepal cricket on behalf of fans.

Nepalese Cricket Supporters Society

Working of NCSS:

NCSS has 22 founder members, 9 members in working committe, 21 lifetime members, 65 associate members, 8 district co-ordinators and more than 1 lakh 73 thousands social media members in its official facebook group by today. As the organization is a group of active volunteers, their discussions are generally held in facebook groups while the meetings give up a conclusion to their agendas.

Nepalese Cricket Supporters Society

Social Deeds in cricket:

Earlier this year, NCSS took part in a volunteering campaign along with ICC representative Bandula Warnapura to help the authorities hosting the Nepal vs Namibia WCL matches in the TU ground in Kathmandu. NCSS took part in the cleanliness of the ground before and after the match and provided free water service to the spectators. Without any help of others, NCSS was seen in raising voices to keep the ground clean and green.

Raising their voice to develop Nepali cricket, NCSS has a their own team to follow up the progress of building Mulpani Cricket stadium which has been halted for years. Besides, NCSS is also participating actively against the cricketers trafficking issue handing the letters to Sports ministry and National Sports Council. They also organized a peace gathering against the cricket trafficking issue at Maitighar Mandala. NCSS is also helping with their ideas to develop the proposed Fapla Cricket Stadium in Dhangadhi district "Dream Fapla Project". They also have provided funds to some of the school level tournaments to motivate young kids to develope the cricket culture.

Nepalese Cricket Supporters Society

Of late, NCSS have made contact with the Bangladesh Cricket Supporters Association (BCSA), similar kind of body in Bangladesh, to provide monetary aid to Nepal Earthquake victims. NCSS have also become a part of fair cricketers selection for Kathmandu District.

This spirit of NCSS has not left any stones unturned for the development of cricket in Nepal. What else does a cricket country need from the fans? In the absence of proper cricket governing body, NCSS has done a job similar to that as a guardian of cricket. In their short history, NCSS has become an wonderful bunch of people taking out amazing initiatives for the development of Nepali cricket.

They are doing their best from their side. Now they are raising voices for the preparations of upcoming U-19 Asia cup, Womens Asia Cup and the World Cricket League match against Kenya where things have become more difficult for Nepalese senior mens side now. We hope they will continue to supervise Nepal cricket and work as the positive catalysts for the development of Nepali Cricket.

Nepalese Cricket Supporters Society

Here are some praiseworthy quotes about NCSS we've collected from social sites :-

"Thank you so much Bhanu ji and team, you guys were the reason behind EPL success." - Binod Das , EPL event co-ordinator and Former Captain of Nepal Cricket Team

"Thank you all for your support NCSS". - Aamir Akhtar, EPL Event manager, MD, Zohra Sports Management

"The effort you guys have put to maintain TU ground is unmatched. Your dedication and hardwork is really inspiring."- Rocky Karn, former U-19 player

"Well done Bhanu ji and NCSS" - Birat Raya, MD, Wicketnepal

"NCSS has started a cricket culture in Nepal". - Manoj Kafle "Mansun", Nepali Cricket fan

"NCSS has taken cricket fanatisim to a new height. You are the real and no.1 cricket supporters in the world."- Anil Adhikari
Nepalese Cricket Supporters Society

Nepalese Cricket Supporters Society

Dipesh Pandit

Also renowned as Thejuly23rd in social medias, Dipesh is a computer engineering graduate and a close spectator of Nepali cricket.