EPL: The future of Nepali Cricket?

EPL: The future of Nepali Cricket?

With dark clouds looming around the sky of Nepali Cricket, Everest Premier League has arrived as a source of exciting new hope for this crazy cricket loving mountainous country.

Nepali Cricket has seen many ups and downs in last decade. We have come out of nowhere to playing the T20 world cup and then again facing the disappointment in next T20 world cup qualifiers. Guess what? Nepal has achieved all these without proper domestic cricket structure and constant politics on Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN). This has all been possible because of our hardworking players who never gave up on their passion and love for Nepali cricket even after having zero attraction financially and their bright secure future.

Everybody dreams to earn so much and have a bright secure future, don't they? People playing Cricket in Nepal and dreaming for playing in National team colours surely aren't an exception to that. But, Nepali cricket is full of uncertainties. This is when Everest Premier League has come as a boon for everyone playing and following cricket in this country. EPL has come as a boon for our country which has so much potential but the potential has not got a perfect platform to unleash.

The domestic structure of our cricket is scary. The poor domestic structure, poor budget has led to losing many talents. Many talents are forced to leave cricket because it doesn't appeal their parents financially. EPL can be a source of inspiration for all those searching for a big platform after proving themselves on regional level. The salary they can receive is also good compared to the current situation our players are facing. EPL can be a door to enter National team and wearing Nepali colours. EPL can be a platform every boy performing on regional level can dream for. EPL can also be a platform to keep our National team players busy. It can help to keep our players fit and ready for International tournaments. This tournament is a slap on the face of CAN and government who couldn't arrange a proper tournament in all these years. EPL can also be an appeal to all the private sectors who are willing to contribute to Nepali cricket. EPL is certainly a happy thing to arrive for all the cricket loving fans who want to see their idols playing. It can be a platform to select players for National team. Players can learn a lot through this kind of tournaments. Players can have enough practices through this kind of tournaments. Players can certainly learn from each other and improve their skills through this tournament.

EPL is just an example for those who want to do something. It is a perfect example for others willing to conduct a cricket tournament. This is where us (the fans) must be concentrating so that the sponsors will flood into the tournament. This certainly can be a future of Nepali cricket if it can have constant support from every sectors. It can be our future if it can expand its duration for the tournament. All this is possible if we show enough support to this tournament.

So let us all take a moment to thank Zohra Sports Management and Wai Wai for this delightful tournament that offers and appeals so much for the future.

Dipesh Pandit

Also renowned as Thejuly23rd in social medias, Dipesh is a computer engineering graduate and a close spectator of Nepali cricket.