Dream of Every Nepali Cricket Fan

Dream of Every Nepali Cricket Fan

“It’s time for the toss of the opening match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. The two captains, Virat Kohli (India) and Paras Khadka (Nepal), are alongside me and it’s a historic day for Nepalese cricket as they are making their World Cup debut; Virat will spin the coin”: Ravi Shastri.

The coin was tossed up and my phone rang just before the coin reached the ground. I woke up with a smile in my face and thought I could have seen Nepal playing their first World Cup match if the alarm time was delayed by a few minutes. But I have some sort of depression and doubts in my mind as well, is it possible only in dreams or can we really achieve this feat in the future? Can my dreams come true? These kinds of questions struck on my mind; still, I was hopeful.

I don’t know why but I had some dissatisfaction inside me and the same questions were continuously striking in my mind. After a few hours of work in the office, I was alone in the office and was thinking about our journey.

I actually had no idea of our journey in the early days; that day, I was too curious and minimized all other working tabs of PC, typed 'Nepal Cricket team' in Google and found the Wikipedia page. There, I got all the detailed information about our cricketing journey, that started in 1996 as an associate member of ICC. The best part for Nepalese cricket was being a part of the ICC WT20 2014 and getting the T20I Status later on, but the status was declined by ICC in 2015, as we failed to qualify for WT20 2016.

Another great achievement for us was gaining the official ODI status from ICC. Despite failing to qualify for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, gaining the ODI status was a great achievement for us. The ODI status meant a lot to us because our cricket governing body was suspended by the ICC, we lacked infrastructural development and our success was possible only due to the struggle and hard work of our players, support staffs and fans.

My surfing on google stopped as my senior staffs entered the room, but my focus and thoughts weren't diverted due to their presence. Our journey was a journey of hills and plains, highs and lows, crests and troughs. We had both ups and downs in our cricket journey but I had a strong faith upon our players. The day will definitely come when the common aspiration and dream of 30 million Nepalese will turn into reality.

We, Nepalese cricket fans are desperately waiting for the day and the day would be the biggest and most historical day for Nepalese cricket. To be honest, we won't care about the results; our players representing us in the pinaccle of world cricket will satisfy us. Witnessing our players along with the fans and the whole world standing for our national anthem would be a goosebump moment for every Nepalese.

After finishing dinner and with a smile on my face, I went to sleep with hope to continue yesterday’s dream

Rahul Shriwastav

Die hard cricket fan and one of biggest fan of South Africa and Nepal with Engineering Background . Founder of Cricket Corner group.