Clarified : ICC New Roadmap to World Cup 2023

Clarified : ICC New Roadmap to World Cup 2023

Writer : Madhav Dada

It’s almost a week that ICC had its last meeting. Still Confused about the results they have made??

Let me clarify this for you.

International Cricket Council (ICC) had a recent meeting in Singapore in last October 19th. They approved a new qualification pathway unanimously for the Men’s 50-over tournament as the main conclusion of the meeting in Singapore.

The 2019 Cricket World Cup (CWC) will run as it has been said already, 10 teams participating. The lastly qualified two members are from the lastly held “ICC CWC Qualifier 2018” in Zimbabwe.

From 2019, a new 50-over league-based qualification will be applicable for the ICC Men’s CWC where the qualification will be long as over 2 and half years. The new road map that ICC has made for the 2023 CWC is named as “Road to India 2023” as the CWC 2023 is set to be held in India. The “Road to India 2023” rise to the total of 372 matches over a long period of time, over two and half years.

There will be 3 different leagues as the preliminary way of the qualification. According to the levels of the cricketing nations, the different cricket league consists of different members. Namely, the three different leagues are: CWC Super League, CWC League 2 and CWC Challenge League.

“CWC Super League” consists of 13 members including 12 Full members and the last time WCLC winner, the Netherlands. From May 2022 onwards, this league will be ruined for the next 2 years. The league consists 156 no of matches in total which will be equally divided to the 13 members in the league where every team will play 24 league matches over the time period of the league. The qualification pathway from this league is set such that the Host plus seven other top teams will be playing the 2023 CWC whereas the remaining 5 will go down through the CWC Qualifier 2022. All the matches will be counted as ODI in this whole league.

Now, the second league namely, “CWC League 2” consists of 7 Associate members ranked 14 to 20 in current World Cricket League structure. The league will run up to about 2.5 years from July 2019 onwards. The league consists of total 126 no of matches where every team will play 36 league matches over the whole period of the league. The qualification pathway is set such that the top 3 from the league will go through the CWC Qualifier 2022 and the Bottom 4 through the CWCQ Play-off. All the matches will be counted as One Day Internationals (ODI) even though all the members will not have ODI status. From the CWC Qualifier 2018 held in Zimbabwe, it is fixed that Scotland, UAE and Nepal will be in the league with the top four members from the World Cricket League Division 2 (WCL2) going to be held in April 2019 after the top two teams from World Cricket League Division 3 (WCL3) in Oman, next month, will be qualified for the upcoming WCL2 in April 2019. WCL3 will see 6 teams in action, namely Denmark, Kenya, Oman, Singapore, Uganda and the USA. The WCL2 will see the host Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong and Canada as well as the top two of the upcoming WCL3 in next month into the action.

The third league, “CWC Challenge League” consists of 12 Associate members ranked 21 to 32 in current World Cricket League (WCL) structure. The league will be held from August 2019 and will be as long as about 2.25 years where each team will play 15 no of league matches over the whole period of the league. According to this, the league consists of 90 matches in totality. This league will be played dividing the teams in two different groups named “CWC Challenge League A” and “CWC Challenge League B”, simply ‘A’ and ‘B’, just. The top team of each group will join the last 5 members from the “CWC League 2” in the CWC Qualifier Play-off whereas the others will go through the CWC Challenge Play-off. All the matches of this league will be counted as “List-A” matches.

Now, The final qualification for the CWC 2023 will be from the league named “CWC Qualifier 2022” where 10 teams will be facing challenges for the top two spot and the final top two teams will be advanced to the “2023 Cricket World Cup” joining the host of the “CWC Super League” and the other top 7 members from the same league.

Not only has this, in the meeting, ICC been agreed in respect to the multi-day cricket for the associate members that the multi-day cricket will be given priority only on the cost-sharing basis between the cricketing members. In this regard, ICC stated that it will now seek the Expressions of Interest from Members who have previously competed in the I-Cup and / or World Cricket League Championship, who are keen committed to playing the multi-day format. ICC reflects that it will not be sponsoring the multi-day cricket as previous.

This certainly gives some major challenges to the country of low economic standard whereas the country with the high economic standard will not be in this tension either. And the nation like, Nepal, which doesn’t even have its cricket board is surely seeking the problems in the regard of multi-day cricket with its poor economic standard that will not be able to afford the cost-sharing multi-day cricket properly.

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