CAN suspension: Dust turning out to be Gold Dust?

CAN suspension: Dust turning out to be Gold Dust?

The most unfortunate news on Nepali Cricket is turning out to be the fortunate era for players.The most prolific cricketing events are creating some buzz among fans & players.Rise of young sensation Sandeep Lamichhane to domestic T20 leagues are very pleasing sight for cricket lovers.

When the news of ban on Cricket Association of Nepal was all over the media, everybody felt Cricket is done & dusted. "Without proper facilitation to players & staffs, crawling cricket can’t stand to its feet” here n there we all heard these lines.Nowadays, Dust is turning out to be gold-dust, yes gold-dust.Why? A promising young players are gaining 4-5 lakhs yearly and much needed recognition.Some sort of hazy platform is set for them, now raw cricketer can claim their spot for Nationals at least for T20s.

Somehow Gold-hearted people like Subash Shahi uplifted the Cricketing scenario in Nepal. Aamir Akhtar & team joins the club with some business formula.These people are telling us money wasn’t really far enough from Cricket, only the vested interest was overshadowing commercial aspect of the game.At least Rs. 15cr. directly mobilizing to economy through cricket per annum.Even the ICC is earning money from Nepal by granting permission to T20 leagues.Ironically, Nepal is yet to receive ICC’s annual grant.

Mesmerizing Machhapuchhre and Annapurna range was all over the internet during Pokhara Premier League.We were actually selling our cricket with nature's spices in it.For cricket lovers actual spice was pitch itself, fine grass assisting pacers to bit of a twist & turn for spinners. Batsman were in delight the fact that 170 plus runs target seems reachable. Keen involvement from national players to create a delightful tournament is still a questionable issue but never really matter if game grows fairly.

Big names signing for EPL to DPL shouting out loud from far-western side of Nepal, many of us seem satisfied with overall scenario.My concern is, where the hell is international schedule? Name out five Women’s team member, Can you? When was the last time Gynendra Malla scored Century at domestic One Day that makes him invincible at Nationals? Why Prithu Baskota’s name faded away, who once glorified as senior team captain?

I know all Questions are indicating towards governing body of cricket. With suspension of CAN, Three entities Players, Fans & Investors are crucial here.These three entities should stick together for further development of Nepal Cricket & somehow they seems to be together for smaller purpose like T20 leagues. Time for now to uproar the voice for Cricket Board. Involvement of certain name like Subash Shahi, Binod Das, Pawan Agrawal, Chhumbi Lama, and Aamir Akhtar is key here. Politician’s involvement is always crucial so be it, involve them but management should be led by Cricket enthusiast.

At least 30 ODIs game is on our way in near future and we are dwelling in Nose-Game. Yes, all these fixation of CAN is just a bloody Nose-Game, Who has the better one or unsullied. If earlier mentioned three entities; Players, Fans & Investors gallop wisely beyond Nose-Game, There are some hope.

This article is extracted from Saur Sigdel's blog

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