Batsmen with most ODI Hundreds while chasing

Batsmen with most ODI Hundreds while chasing

Scoring a hundred in an ODI match is always pleasing for a batsman. The hundred gets even more special if it comes while chasing as it requires a prefect blend of skill, patience andtemperament.

A lot depends upon how a batsman adjusts to the playing condition, pitches, opponent and game situation for scoring a hundred. A batsman scoring century while chasing shows his pressure handling abilities too.

There are some batsmen who have time and again showed their excellent pressure handling skills and scored hundreds while chasing. The following are the list of batsmen with most centuries while chasing in ODI.

1. Virat Kohli (26 Hundreds)

If scoring centuries is an art, Virat Kohli is Picasso of it. Having already smashed43 hundreds in his ODI career, Kohli is still continuing his brilliancy in the cricket field.Kohli has scored 26 out of his 43 ODI centuries while chasing in the second innings. This is the record for most hundreds scored while chasing in ODI cricket history.

2. Sachin Tendulkar (17 Hundreds)

There aren't many batting records that doesn't have this man's name in it. Sachin hasscored 17 ODI hundreds while chasing out of his total tally of 49 hundreds. The Indian cricket team heavily depended on this man for batting during mid and late 1990s and even till mid 2000s. The amount of runs and centuries this man has in international cricket is something that every batsman could dream of.

3. Rohit Sharma (14 Hundreds)

This Indian batsman has had plenty of ups and downs in his career. After struggling in the middle order in his early days in Indian cricket team, Rohit has now become one of the bestwhite-ball players of the current era. Rohit even has 3 double hundreds to his name in ODI cricket after being promoted as opener in white ball cricket. He has a total of 29 centuries in his One Day Internationals career of which 14 have come while chasing.

4. Chris Gayle (12 Hundreds)

The hard hitting West Indian left hander Chris Gayle is also not far when it comes to scoring centuries while chasing. Out of his total tally of 25 ODI hundreds, 12 have come in course of chasing. More known for his big hitting abilities, Gayle has big scores in T20 cricket too including an unbeaten 175 runs in IPL. Gayle also holds the record for most centuries in Twenty20 cricket (22),

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