What makes AB De Villiers a special batsman?

July 3, 2022 | Rahul Shriwastav

That virtual player you create in a computer game is called AB de Villiers. He is well-known for being a fantastic wicketkeeper, a wonderful batsman, and a guy who can do anything in cricket.

The first 3 letter of the alphabet starts with ABC but for cricket fan it's ABD. 

His adaptability to the condition makes him different from the others. From playing the knock of 33 (220) to save the test match to scoring the fastest 50,100,150. He can do both as per the situation. He

As a batsman, AB de Villiers possess divine elegance, superlative batting prowess and unearthly shot-making abilities. 

The best part about AB de Villiers is that he does it with ease; flexibility is an intrinsic quality of his. He can match the destructiveness of someone like Chris Gayle and on the other side, can be classy like Rahul Dravid. 

He is unrivalled in his ability to bat unconventionally while yet playing delicate orthodox strokes with accuracy. He can score fours and sixes even off the most unplayable deliveries when he is in top form, and he can play a long inning when his side needs him to the most. 

It appears as though you are just a Genius & Talented when you master a skill that others have only recently learned. But mastering anything requires smart work and perseverance; it is not that simple. It's his hard work, dedication and practice that made him master this beautiful game.

You can look into it in another way and say “He has 10 Answers for a Question for Which Others have only 1”. This is what made him nightmares for the captain, how any captain can set a field when a batsman has multiple answers to the question. His field manipulation technique is what makes him more unique from others.

He is versatile, he can bat in any batting position as per the situation. From opening the inning to batting at 8, he has done all.

The most important point which differentiates him from other best batters in the world is his ability to play with bowler minds; it's the bowler who most of the time predicts what batsman going to next and bowl accordingly but here the Genius is one step ahead of the bowlers. Here, he plays with the bowler's mind and forces him to predict what AB gonna do next and bowls accordingly then comes the innovation of the master, whose brain works faster than a computer. 

If you had to choose a batsman to bat out a day to save a test match, you'd choose Dravid.

If you had to choose a batsman to hit a century in a T20, you'd choose Gayle.

If you had to choose a batsman to finish an ODI game at 10 rpo, you'd choose Dhoni.

But if someone told you to first choose a batsman and then the match situation would be explained to you, who would you choose such that your team doesn't suffer a horrible loss? 9 out of every 10 times, there comes just one name ABD. 

The man has scored tons of runs in every part of the world in every kind of situation. We have seen him ramping, reverse sweeping the fast bowler in green track when have seen him cutting the bowl in rank turner on the 5th day of the test.  The man is so good that he doesn't need time to settle, he can start banging from the ball 1.

What will u say, if a batsman has SR over 100 in ODI and over 140 in T20? 

Yes, most of the time, the answer will be slogger but slogger has to average of 20-30 but he has an average of over 50 in ODI and around 40 in T20.

Among thousands of batters who played this beautiful game of cricket, no one other than him has SR of over 100 with averages of 50 in ODI. 

He is the most loved batsman in the world. Has a huge fan following in every country. How often do you see the home crowd in India chatting ABD ABD when he is coming to bat against their home country and is all set to tear them apart. This is what ABD has earned.

"If you think a girl is the most beautiful thing in this world then trust me darling you haven't seen AB De batting".

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