What exactly is going wrong with Virat Kohli ?

June 29, 2022 | Rahul Shriwastav

Virat Kohli is the biggest name in this modern cricket era, what he has achieved as a batsman might be untouchable to others. The ICC player of the decade has dominated all 3 formats of cricket. His 2016 and 2018 will be dream years for any players. His number from 2016 and 2018 is enough to explain how good he was in this year.

But things begins to change since the 2019 WC, despite scoring multiple half-centuries in the world cup, he failed to convert them into centuries. Things get worse for him after the world cup. He reached the mark of 70 centuries too fast and when everyone was sure Kohli will go past SRT 100 century records, things begins to change.

His last century was in the D/N test against Bangladesh in 2019, since then we saw everything but not Kohli getting his 71st. But, it's not that he was not scoring runs, he was getting 50+ score but that was not what fans wanted from him because the standard which Virat has set is too high and fan expects a century from him every now and then.

Out of form, Kohli is still the Indian leading run-scorer since the 2019 world cup. Kohli's form hits further in the year 2022 in which he even struggles to get the initial.

Here based on my finding, I try to explain a few reasons why we are seeing different versions of Virat. 

1. Deep in Aggression

Kohli was known for his aggression, the more the aggression more lethal Kohli was. He liked the challenge and when the opponent triggered him, he gave them back with his bat. Now that aggression from Virat is missing.

2. Virat-BCCI controversy

This controversy hit the worse out of Virat, since then Virat even struggled to score the initial of the run. Virat announce he will step up from T20I captaincy after the T20WC, this didn't go well with BCCI and they sack him from ODI captaincy as well. There was a huge rift between both Virat and BCCI. Just after this Virat announces to step down from the test captaincy as well. Fans were shocked and so does BCCI. 

3. More a family man

Kohli seems like now more of a family man, a happy husband and a responsible father. This factor also hit him. 

4. Too much rest

Virat Kohli takes too much rest, after the 2019 world cup we saw Kohli taking rest every now. Since he does not play cricket on regular basis, he gets very less time to work on his game and his weakness.

5. Lack of Concentration

We can't comment on the technique of such a legendary player, but we are witnessing the same version of Kohli we saw in the 2014 England tour. Kohli we saw in 2016-2018 was leaving the ball outside off the stump, giving respect to the bowler but now he is playing the ball outside of the stump on regular basis and that results in him edging the ball. Playing too many false shots.

6. Impatience

Kohli we used to see earlier was like taking his time to settle down and then go big but now he lacks patience. Couple of dot balls and he seems to absorb immense pressure and for which he tries to play a big shot and results in losing his wicket.

7. Bowler has found the channel to dismiss Virat

When thing doesn't get rights, you yourself exposes your weakness and same happens with virat. He has exposed his weakness and bowler bowling on the same channel by setting him up.

8. Standard and brand of cricket

The standard which Virat Kohli has set in his good days is too high, people expect him to score century and runs every time he comes to bat. There is immense pressure on him to match his own standard that fan expects which also add pressure on his game.

8. Too many activities outside cricket like a brand endorsement.

9. Age factor

There can be many other reason as well.

Virat Kohli is big name, he will bounce back there is no second thought in this. But we all like to see virat crossing the hurdle of 71st century very soon and start dominating once again.

What do you think can be the reasons behind his struggle ?

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