Reason Behind Downfall of Nepal Cricket Team

July 19, 2022 | Rahul Shriwastav

Cricket, which ranks second in popularity worldwide to football, is a popular sport. Even though the game is now incredibly well-liked worldwide. In Southern Asian nations like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and others, this sport is far more popular and in vogue than it is everywhere else. It is because cricket is as important to the people in these nations as religion. When they learn even the slightest little about cricket, the people of these nations go insane. It involves more than just playing cricket. You will experience the same energy and enthusiasm as the athletes watching this sport.

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Cricket in Nepal

Cricket in Nepal was introduced by Madam Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana who was the youngest son of Rana Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana in 1920. Then cricket was limited to Rana Family only. CAN be established in 1946 but the major success came in Nepal when they qualified for ICC WT20 2014, this world cup is also remembered for an incredible performance from our team. Another huge leap was receiving ODI status.

The Downfall Of Cricket In Nepal

Nepal being an associate member of CAN since 1996 still has not been a full member of ICC while our contemporaries Afghanistan and Ireland are challenging the top team and winning against them and test nations now.

From playing against Afghanistan, Ireland etc to playing against Oman, Qatar, and Malaysia this is clear evidence to illustrate our downfall.

What could be the reason? Well, I tried to explain in few points.

1. Groupism

This is now the biggest issue in Nepali Cricket. Groupism is quite easily visible to all the fans out there. From the players inside to the self-claimed cricket experts supporting groupism and targeting the player of our team is a big sign of concern. It's crystal clear to every fan out there so not going to write more on this.

2. Lack of Proper selection criteria

Once again here Groupism wins, we have seen players being selected as per monopoly when CAN was suspended. Then there was the monopoly of senior players and now there are no proper criteria to select players. No one knows on what basis players are selected.

3. Lack Of Proper Infrastructures For Cricket In The Country

The first and most important requirement for the growth of anything in the nation is the appropriate infrastructure and facilities to enable that development. Sadly, despite the sport's nearly 100-year history in the nation, neither the infrastructure nor cricket itself has advanced.

Nepal often plays its home matches at TU Ground, which is the sole stadium in the nation. Aside from this, the nation lacks a stadium with decent amenities for both players and spectators that came to witness the matches. Few other cricket-playing countries visit Nepal because of the lack of adequate infrastructure. And this is a factor in why Nepal does not receive adequate worldwide promotion.

4. Lack Of Domestic Cricket And Long Format Of Cricket

Somehow, domestic cricket is still played in the nation. However, there is no longer format of cricket played in the nation. Our domestic cricket competitions, which have only been developed for commercial purposes, are the local and national divisions of elite cricket tournaments.

No matter how well-known and successful Nepal's local premier league event does, domestic cricket will not flourish there until and unless the longer format of the game is implemented, and until then, the position of cricket in this country will remain unchanged.

The longer format of games brings the best out of the player and produces quality players.

5. Political instability and its impact on CAN

The Nepalese are aware of the fact that the country's political instability has also had an impact on CAN and cricket in Nepal. We already know that Nepal's political climate has never been consistent for more than three or four years. A group like CAN must be involved in politics in a nation like Nepal.

we are aware of the role corruption plays in governmental institutions. Therefore, the likelihood that CAN not be impacted by this corruption was quite low. Numerous issues and accusations have been made against the athletes frequently and on time.

Members of CAN are appointed as per the link of political parties, not by the knowledge they possess.

As a result of the government's direct involvement in the management of CAN in Nepal, the ICC suspended the organization in April 2016. More than three years later, in October 2019, the ICC removed the ban.

6. Lack of Financial Support

very less budget is allocated for sport by our government and that figures become lower when it comes to cricket. The budget that is allocated to the governing body, most of them goes to the pocket of the members instead of investing in cricket.

The majority of young people who play cricket must have the desire to represent their nation. And in a developing nation like Nepal, even when some young people's dreams come true and they get the opportunity to showcase their skills for their nation, the governing bodies don't provide them with a lot of financial support. Once you started playing cricket professionally, it also became your source of money. Do you think that the National Cricket Team's players make less money from the government than the typical Nepalese? 

However, the players make money by endorsing numerous businesses and competing in Premier League games. Many young people who have been desiring to play for their country are in some way discouraged by this behaviour.


Afghanistan which was one of our rivals has seen an immense rise in cricket in a very short period and we are falling continuously. Afghanistan is a permanent member of the ICC and is now playing test cricket with countries like India, Pakistan and other top nations.

The success of cricket in Afghanistan can be attributed to the government of that nation's decision to keep the sport independent of politics and to grant full freedom to anyone who chooses to develop it there. Through their domestic cricket, fresh talents are now being discovered every year.

Let's hope that conditions improve and that Cricket will rise once more in Nepal. Once it does, let's hope it won't do so again. Otherwise, Cricket in Nepal will become stuck in a growing and falling cycle.

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