Is T20 Cricket Killing Real Cricketing Skill?

October 2, 2022 | Rahul Shriwastav

The debate on this topic would be endless, many will debate in favor of this topic while many will oppose it. T20 cricket is the shortest format of the game and is most popular among the fans. In this busy world, people will prefer T20 cricket over Test and ODI as it's full-on entertainment. But the question arises, Is T20 cricket killing the real cricketing Skills?

Test cricket is always regarded as the best and most challenging form of cricket. But, we can't deny that fans will hardly find their time to watch test cricket. T20 is popular among the fans and it's also the best deal for the broadcasters, board and everyone associated with it. T20 cricket is also the best way to globalize cricket. It is bringing the crowds back to the stadium.  Lots of domestic game is being played which is giving rise to many new talents. But, is T20 cricket hampering the real cricketing skills? 

Let's have a look

It is merely another format of the game, and everyone involved will need to make adaptations from ODI and most definitely from Test matches. T20 utilizes the same skill set as other formats. Simply put, they are used differently based on the game's particular circumstances.

The players had to adjust to the new requirements of the game and adopt new strategies and approaches in order to compete at the top level.T20 has significantly changed the game. In my opinion, it has improved the players' abilities rather than destroying real cricketing skills.

To keep the scoreboard moving, batsmen must use innovative and risky shots. T20 cricket has become quite intriguing as players strive to attack bowlers or even attempt to execute innovative shots. T20 is more than just mindless hitting. The bizarre shots that modern cricketers attempt, frequently successfully, as well as the daring and wit required to attempt those shots, are undoubtedly beautiful.

Bowlers are coming up with innovative tactics to trick the batsman. Every bowler must master certain skills to stay competitive, like the slower ball, yorker, and others.

The real test of a player's adaptability and endurance is T20 cricket. Here, the player's ability to adapt to the situation rapidly is put to the test, and those who can do so will undoubtedly succeed in this type of gaming in the future. There has been significant improvement in the fitness of the players too.

It's because of t20 cricket we are seeing the score over 300 being chased in the 4th inning of test cricket, since the evolution of t20 cricket, very few numbers of test cricket is been ended in draw.


Test cricket will always remain the best and most challenging form of the game but t20 cricket is also a format of cricket. To sum up, T20 has only improved cricketers' skills, even though it is not the appropriate venue to assess a cricketer's calibre. Test cricket has served as, and will continue to serve as, the platform for this.

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