Bisecting the Ability of Christiano Ronaldo CR7

July 24, 2022 | Rahul Shriwastav

Cristiano Ronaldo is already 37 years old and hearing the number 37 anyone can guess that player is neat to his end. But is he really near the last phase of his career? If one sees the hard work and dedication he makes, a lot is left to him.

CR7 is a big name and the most popular athlete across the globe, he has fans following millions. And with no second thought, he is one of the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T). And he was not who was god gifted, he achieved this with his sheer hard work and dedication. 

What makes a player GOAT?  And how CR7 coped up with these factors. Let's see

1. Technique: It is mainly concerned with ball control and movement on and off the ball. Cristiano, without a question, ranks very high here, and he has done so for well over a decade.

2. Mindset: CR7's drive and enthusiasm are undeniable. Add to that the ability to lead. In comparison to championship contenders, he won the Euro 2016 with an average team.

3. Intelligence: Tactical awareness, the ability to respond to the demands of the squad, and excellent risk assessment are all reasons why he helped Real Madrid win four UCLs in five years.

4. Physique: Nott going to go into detail about body fitness and all those jargon... In terms of what he had and what he produced of it, he is simply the best in the world.

CR7 Game awareness 

To play football at his level, you must be extremely intelligent. Intelligent beyond belief. The variety in his goal execution is enormous. He is aware of and anticipates potential goals.

And he plots his game, movements, clearings, and career to achieve the aim.

Unlike some, who almost always repeat the same movements at the greatest level, Cristiano has incredible originality.

He is an absolute killer in front of goal, unlike anyone else, he has a sense for identifying those sweet spots on the pitch, and his off-the-ball dashes are famous.

His two goals in the 2017 Champions League final in Cardiff against the world's most experienced goalkeeper, Buffon sum up everything, Even Buffon was speechless and so does the crowd of Juventus can't stop themselves from applauding that.

To be so creative at such a high level, to have given such a trophy to his own country for the first time in Portugal's history, and to have put Real Madrid back at the top of world football, it takes a really rare intelligence.

CR7 legacy outside the football world

He has left a legacy not only in football but also outside of the football world

He will most likely be remembered until the end of time (and maybe beyond). No footballer has ever received such acclaim.

The galaxy's name was inspired by Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, also known as CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo: CR7 galaxy named after him

It completely changes the meaning of the term "CR7 is out of this world!"

"Cristiano Ronaldo: The Struggle is yours. The honour is yours. The Prestige of Being the Best. The World's Finest. The Best of Everything. The Very Best in History"


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