Barcelona defender Pique announces retirement

November 7, 2022 | LetzCricket Team

Gerard Pique will be remembered as a 'GREAT' by Barcelona. He won title after title for the club. Had a memorable time. There was also controversy over it. During his time he performed brilliantly. Lately, his game has been declining.

The 35-year-old defender ended his contract at Barcelona, ??but still had a year and a half left on his contract. He played for Barcelona for the last time at the Nou Camp in the Spanish La Liga on Saturday. The match was a win against Almeria. He is also likely to visit Osasuna on Tuesday. His fellow player and current coach Xavi Hernandez left the club in 2015 with a unique achievement. At that time, Barcelona won the "Terball" title.

Pike was not so lucky. Pique came to the decision to retire after embarrassingly failing to make it past the group stage of the European Champions League. Lately he has stopped being the first choice player. All eyes were on his performance. His somewhat unexpected and very suddenly announced retirement shows what the situation was. He decided to leave the game out of self-respect, otherwise there was a real possibility that he would be relegated to the club.

In his prime he was regarded as one of the best defenders in the club's history. He won three Champions Leagues. And also won eight La Liga and seven Copa del Rey. Recently, not only Pique, but the performance of the club itself, especially in Europe, Barcelona has been consistently unsuccessful. In the Champions League match against Inter Milan, Barcelona lost a goal due to Pique's mistake and later the club was eliminated before the knockout stage at the end of the match. The club's supporters were also turning against him and were not happy with Pique's performance.

But in the match against Almeria, the same supporters gave him an emotional farewell, knowing full well that Pique is a club legend. He was substituted in the 84th minute of the match. He himself remained emotional. He could not hide his tears. From Javi to all his fellow players bowed in his honour. Speaking from the field after the game, he said, "I was born here, I will die here." I am sure, I will come back here again in the future.'