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Also renowned as Thejuly23rd in social medias, Dipesh is a computer engineering graduate and a close spectator of Nepali cricket.

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| 13th May 2019, Monday

अदित सुवेदी र उनको १७१* रनको त्यो स्पेशल ईनिङ

विस्तारै खेल अघि बढ्दै थियो, उ .....

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| 7th May 2019, Tuesday

खेलकुद मैत्री शैक्षिक पद्धती

एकाएक अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय क्रिके .....

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| 6th May 2019, Monday
| 3rd May 2019, Friday

AFGHANISTAN: ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Breakdown (with each details)

Afghanistan is looked as a Darkhorse of cricket world cup 2019 with the ability .....

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| 18th April 2019, Thursday

Nepal U16 teammates who had a decision to make : Cricket or Education?

Several universities in sporting nations have provisions of appearing in exams p .....

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| 13th April 2019, Saturday

Nepal U19: An analysis of fallen wickets in #U19CWCQ

We have mostly faced caught behinds and caught out at the boundaries. Statistica .....

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| 12th April 2019, Friday

Match Review: Nepal U19 beats Singapore U19 by 217 runs

With Nepal reduced to 18-2, skipper Rohit walked on to the pitch to build the in .....

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| 19th April 2018, Thursday
| 4th March 2018, Sunday

Nepal's Batting Analysis against Zimbabwe (Statistical)

The 5th wicket partnership of 73 runs between Aarif Sheikh and Sharad Veshawkar .....

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| 4th March 2018, Sunday

Nepal's Bowling Analysis against Zimbabwe (Statistical)

Basanta Regmi had the most 31 dot balls of 60 balls he bowled, which is 51.67% i .....

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| 26th February 2018, Monday

Should Nepal take a chance on Rohit opening the inning?

Gyanendra Malla has been opening for Nepal's side in few tournaments which in re .....

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| 26th February 2018, Monday

ICC World Cup Qualifiers: Group B Break Down

A guide to the teams Nepal will be facing in their group stage matches of ICC Wo .....

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| 15th February 2018, Thursday

ICC WCL Division II: Nepal's statistical review

Statistical review of ICC World Cricket League Division II; because numbers spea .....

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| 15th February 2018, Thursday

Nepali Cricket: It's not over until it's all over

"Cricket is all about Uncertainty", they said BUT "Cricket is also about Miracle .....

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| 8th February 2018, Thursday

Matter of how long Nepalese batting can maintain confidence

With all the “hypes” and “promises” of Gyanendra Malla and Aarif at the .....

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| 25th January 2018, Thursday

Journey to the squad: An inspiring tale of Rohit Kumar Poudel

Each local cricketers have a dream of wearing the national jersey, this requires .....

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| 21st January 2018, Sunday

Nepali Cricket: Getting bigger and stronger

EPL established a new benchmark in Nepali domestic cricket. There are huge tourn .....

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| 16th January 2018, Tuesday

ICC WCL Division II: A quest for a spot at ICC World Cup Qualifiers

The finalists from ICC WCL Division II advances to ICC World Cup Qualifiers wher .....

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| 10th April 2017, Monday

Dhangadi Premier League: First Day Round Up

An entire sum up to all the happenings, the goods and the bads on the first day .....

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| 10th November 2016, Thursday

Binod Das: Greatness of the Legend

There are very few cricketers who are known for their excellence around and for .....

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| 28th October 2016, Friday

NCSS: Protecting the cricket culture in Nepal

The cricket crazy himalayan nation have fans who have taken the fanatisim to th .....

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| 4th October 2016, Tuesday

EPL: The future of Nepali Cricket?

EPL is just an example for those who want to do something. It is a perfect exam .....

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| 23rd September 2016, Friday

Match Preview: Vishal Warriors Vs Kantipur Gurkhas

Paras Khadka, Basant Regmi, Pradeep Airee, Subash Khakurel, Sagar Pun and Raju .....

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| 19th September 2016, Monday

Nepal Cricket International Records

Nepal is an emerging cricket nation with short but rich history. With consisten .....

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| 11th September 2016, Sunday

WaiWai EPL T20: It's Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment

You simply can't miss the sixes of Paras, wickets by Basanta, helicopter shots a .....

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| 6th September 2016, Tuesday

Nepali Cricket star: In the making

Sandeep Lamichhane, the 16-years old has been a cricket sensation for Nepali Cr .....

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Which foreign cricketer's performance are you looking forward to see in upcoming edition of Everest Premier League (EPL) 2020 ?